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Friday 03rd 2020f April 2020 08:53:16 AM
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   Location: Brussels

Friday 11th of April 2008 03:26:18 PM  

Your web site moves me to tears.
Palestinians will survive no matter who occupies their land.

   Fawzi Kaddoura  
   Location: San Bruno California

Wednesday 02nd of April 2008 10:16:40 PM  

To all ahali Sohmata especially in Palestine,
I want to tell how proud and gratefullfor you all ,for your kind and generous hospitality that you have shown during my visit to sohmata in january this year, especially my special thanks to our Sohmata embassador (Um Afif).
Seeing is beleiving.I've heard about sohmata all my life ,but nothing like what I felt and what I saw when I walked over that barbed wire to cross over and walk on the land where my ancestors walked hundeds of years ago,the air , the view , the stones the color of land it was not like any other thing that I have seen before,to touch the stones,to see the great fig trees ,the olive trees,all wants to stop you and tell you stories from past to the present,they don;t want yo;u to leave,I really have a long story to tell, but I want to stop now because I want to thank MY good family and friends that from the moment I met I felt like I known them for a long long time, to start with Kamel and Adel Kaddoura who took the day o;ff to take me to sohmata. Also the Brother hashim and Hazim,not to forget their hospitable mother UM KAMEL,also my appreciation and thanks to Mr.Wajeeh Somaan,Emil, Michael, sister NAjah and NAdia,MR. Ramzi Ibrahim and my sister HAnan,
I do urge every and any one who can to visit the land there,and to support Ahali Sohmats there,.
very soon I'll have the story and pictures published on this website.Until we meet again, long live Sohmata, long live Palestine, long live Ahali sohmata.

   Yael Korin  
   Location: Culver City, Los Angeles

Monday 31st of March 2008 10:07:31 AM  


I am an Israeli-born woman. I live in the Los Angeles area and a co-founder of the group Campaign to End Israeli Apartheid, Southern California (CEIA-SC). Our website is: www.ceia-sc.org

We are with you in your struggle for the return. Please let us know what we can do here to help. I have a request to you. I would like to have a copy of the refugees testimonial video. We would like to show it to people here during our events.

Best regards,

Yael Korin

   khaled moh kaddoura  
   Location: uae

Sunday 30th of March 2008 04:24:05 PM  

hi all of sohmata family nshalla all good and happy,my best regards.
khaled kaddoura

   Bruce Inksetter  
   Location: Rapide-Danseur (Québec)

Sunday 30th of March 2008 06:57:53 AM  

Best wishes to the people of Suhmata and all Palestinians everywhere. May they succeed in returning home soon. Vive la Palestine!

   Location: usa

Friday 28th of March 2008 04:04:33 PM  

Good bless you everybody, my husbund is from suhmata and I'm very proud of him

   Bilal Husssein  
   Location: New Mexico, USA

Friday 28th of March 2008 04:01:51 PM  

Hello Everybody,
I just want to say hello for all of the sahamti around the world, also I want to thank everybody who participate in designing this wonderfull site epecially Mr. Simaan.

   Mahmoud H kaddoura  
   Location: Denmark

Thursday 27th of March 2008 06:43:48 PM  

ta7iyate wa ta7iyat 3a2elate ela jamee3 abna2 Suhmata al7abiba.

   Hani Mehanna Mousa  
   Location: Abu Dhabi - UAE

Tuesday 25th of March 2008 06:44:56 AM  

سلام يا اهل الجود و الكرم سلامي لأهل سحماتا و ارضي سحماتا
كلي اشتياق و لوعة لارضي سحماتا ارض الجود و الكرم
سلامي لارض الزيتون منبع الابطال.
أخوك: هاني موسى

   Location: UAE DUBAI

Sunday 23rd of March 2008 04:21:03 PM  

أهلي و أبناء بلدتي الحبيبة السلام عليكم و رحمةالله

احب ان اشكر جميع القيمين على هذا الموقع الذي يشعرك انك رأيت فلسطين و رأيت سحماتا و أسلم على جميع اهالي البلدة عامة و أقاربي خاصةً

خالد محمد حسن قدورة

   Naim Mohammad Kaddoura   
   Location: Lebanon/Dubai /UAE

Wednesday 19th of March 2008 08:11:17 AM  

Dear Sohmata Family

I would like to thank Every one assist to have this great website, to be on touch around the world, Suhmata may be most of us dont kwow it well or just we hear about it from our parent or grands , Im Mohammad Kaddoura Son ,, Baddawi Camp Norht Lebanon,, Salam to Palestine and we will back

   Location: USA

Tuesday 18th of March 2008 09:13:15 PM  


    ابن مخيم الفوار  
   Location: al fawwar camp

Thursday 13th of March 2008 06:50:42 AM  

مرحبا اهل سمهاتا
انا من سكان مخيم الفوار جنوب مدينة الخليل
طبعا لاجئ ومهجر من قرية صميل
بشكر القائمين على الموقع الذي يعرض قضية قرية من قرى فلسطين الحبيبة
بتمنى اكون صديق الكم وللموقع

   Ayman Anis Kaddoura  
   Location: U.A.E

Wednesday 12th of March 2008 05:52:50 PM  

Dear all,

I would like to extend my deep appreciation for the people who stand behind the efforts of building this fruitful site, just recently I came to know about it and I believe that this site could be more powerful through knowing our past, roots and educating our future generations.

Education and health care are the main resources that the progressed nations depend on to achieve their long term objectives. Based on this, I'm here by to suggest starting up a donation box that offers scholar ships to the students of outstanding grades whose financial status doesn't allow them to continue their study and to people who face serious health problems.

Waiting for your feedback,

   مجد عبد السلام الجشي   
   Location: سوريا - دمشق

Tuesday 19th of February 2008 05:15:30 AM  

ليت المشاعر تنتقل للقلوب بسكات

ليت الرسايل وصفها لشوقي كافي

سحماتا إنت حبك بلقلب مامات

إنت الربيع يلي هواه دافي

إلك المشاعر تكتب وصفها أبيات

وإلك الشوق بيرسم الحب الدافي

   Hala Walid Kaddoura  
   Location: Lebanon

Sunday 03rd of February 2008 02:32:59 AM  

I was Inspired by a book called(The Alchemist)
for Paulo Coelho...So I bought 2 more books for him and got another one from my friend
While I was reading the third book
I paused at this sentence
"On the other side of the dead sea,we could see Isreal and the glow of Jerusalem's lights on the horizon"
Well I just want to tell Paulo
that that land is our land
and that Jerusalem is our Jerusalem
and I promised myself not to buy another book for him

   عبد السلام عبد الرحيم الجشي  
   Location: سوريا - دمشق

Saturday 02nd of February 2008 08:58:01 AM  

سحماتا..شبهتك بالشمس لقيتك أدفى
شبهتك بالقمر لقيتك أحلى
شبهتك بروحي لقيتك أغلى

جمال الليل بنظرة عيونك
ونور القمر مرسوم على كلى كرومك
وكل الكون مابيسوى من دونك

   Faouzie Mustafa Hussein Mohamad  
   Location: Germany

Saturday 02nd of February 2008 06:30:41 AM  

Assalamu 3alaikum

Ahde ta7eyate wa salame ela ahle fe Falastin (So7maata) we jamee3 an7aa2 el 3aalam.
Ana bent Mustafa Hussein Mohamad, Bent eben el Hajj Abu Mustafa

   Mohamad Nayef Saed Daher  
   Location: Germany

Saturday 02nd of February 2008 05:40:47 AM  

Assalamu 3aleikum

Ta7eyati ela ahel so7maata fe bekaa3 el ard wa ela ahlel *dayr al kasi* fi jamee3 an7aa2 el 3aalam.

( omi men So7maata )Mo5ayam Al Rashediye

   Majed Ali Kaddoura  
   Location: Dubai, U.A.E

Thursday 31st of January 2008 07:11:29 AM  

Hello everybody, This is such a great website, I feel so glad to see pictures of our beloved suhmata and to know stories and things i never knew before, Hope we all meet at Suhmata one day, till then, keep up the faith and never give up.

God bless you all

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