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Tuesday 07th 2020f July 2020 10:40:06 PM
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   عبد السلام عبد الرحيم الجشي  
   Location: سوريا - دمشق

Sunday 10th of May 2009 02:49:58 PM  

إلى كل أهالي قريتنا الحبيبة الغالية في فلسطين والشتات
اسمحوا لي أن أنقل لكم تحيات أهلنا بسوريا وأخص منهم والدي عبدالرحيم محمد عارف الجشي
والحاجة هدية محمود توفيق الجشي

   Mohamed Kaddoura  
   Location: Dubai - UAE

Thursday 23rd of April 2009 01:58:16 PM  


   Bilal Hussein  
   Location: USA

Saturday 18th of April 2009 02:19:33 PM  

Hello Eveybody,

Happy Easter

   Ali Saleh Hussein  
   Location: Springfield, Il. U.S.A.

Saturday 18th of April 2009 02:14:18 PM  

Salam to everybody from this village. I thank everyone who put this site together. I would like to be in touch with this heritage. I am the grandson of Khalid Abdallah Hussein who was born in 1915 and died in Rachedieh Camp in Lebanon in 1997.

   Jamal Samy Fahed Mohammed Assaad  
   Location: France

Saturday 18th of April 2009 03:10:53 AM  

Hello to all,

I am proud to be originiare of Suhmata. I hope meet you all in suhmata.

   مالك أيوب   
   Location: زيورخ سويسرا

Thursday 09th of April 2009 08:24:49 AM  

اهالي سحماتا الكرام
بمناسبة عيد الفصح المجيد اعاده الله عى الجميع بالصحة والسعادة والعافية نبارك لكم هذه المناسبة مع املنا بالعودة القريبة الى رحاب قريتنا الجميلة وكل عام وانتم بخير

   nathalie assaad  
   Location: France

Monday 30th of March 2009 10:36:38 AM  

Hello everyone, it's a pleasure to be here, my stepfather was from suhmata!
Long and happy life to everybody,
Nathalie Assaad

   sami assaad  
   Location: Turkey

Sunday 29th of March 2009 03:22:13 PM  

SUHMATA is always HEART.

   Assaad Imane  
   Location: France, Lille

Sunday 29th of March 2009 01:37:41 PM  

I'm happy to be here !
My grand-father was born in Suhmata.

   Bassel K. El-Haj Ibrahim  
   Location: Riyadh- Saudi Arabia

Monday 23rd of March 2009 07:30:37 AM  

It is an honor to be visiting this nice and respectable site. I was enriched with the information I have red, especially about Haifa city where I belong.
Again my apreciation and respect.

   Assad Yaakoub Yaakoub  
   Location: Lebanon

Wednesday 18th of March 2009 02:32:58 PM  

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته
تحياتي إلى كل من أهالي بلدي مع إشتياقي للجميع
أسعد يعقوب وأولاده

   Abnaa' Suhmata Association  
   Info @ Suhmata . Com
   Location: Haifa

Saturday 07th of March 2009 02:50:54 AM  

يسرّ جمعية أبناء سحماتا أن تبعث في يوم المرأة العالمي

الى نساء سحماتا وفلسطين والأمة العربية والعالم بأحرّ

وأعطر التحيات , آملين أن يتمكن شعبنا من تحقيق حريته

ووحدته واستقلاله وعودة لاجئيه ومهجريه الى ديارهم ..

وأن يعم السلام في العالم أجمع

وكل عام وأنتن بألف خير

   Hala Walid Kaddoura  
   Location: Lebanon

Sunday 22nd of February 2009 01:37:45 PM  

A Land rapped
A civilization slaughtered, dismissed, terrorized
Blood Shattered, Splattered
People Starving

Hypnotized world

A land Occupied
A civilization murdered, demonized, genocide
People Bleeding
Children fighting
Parents Sacrificing

Neighborhoods destroyed
Families Vanished

Violations, Transgressions
Contaminations, Sophistications

Pain Pain Pain
Suffocations, Asphyxiations

Palestinians Deceived, Betrayed, Deluded

Still Standing Alone
Still Holding On
Against the World
For my land

   عبد السلام عبد الرحيم الجشي  
   Location: سوريا - دمشق

Sunday 22nd of February 2009 07:36:44 AM  

سحماتا..لوالمسافة ترفض إني أشوفِك
خلي إتصالِك غصِب عنها يجيني
وإذا إتصالِك تمنعه ظروفِك
يكفي رسايل شوق بينِك وبيني
وإن كان مالي حظ حتى بشوفتِك
خليكي بعيد ومسكِنك وسط عيني!

   sirene walid kaddoura  
   Location: danmark

Sunday 15th of February 2009 05:14:00 AM  

wonderful website thx for this . keep going on.

   Location: usa

Monday 09th of February 2009 05:15:07 PM  

Hi everyone, i'm a new guest here.

   Adnan Murrah  
   Location: UAE

Friday 23rd of January 2009 01:35:36 PM  

Congratulation to all the palestinian, arabs and muslims people the victory in Ghaza


   Ahmad Moussa  
   Location: Canada

Friday 23rd of January 2009 10:39:20 AM  

Salam to all the people of palestine, where ever they are and most importantly the people of Gaza whose strength and unshakable spirit keeps our heads up in pride. The world wide political bodies have stood against one of the smallest inhabited territories in the world(approximately 51 km by 11 km ) and yet not one inch of Gaza was able to be occupied. The reasoning behind this is that no matter how great one is(militarily, political etc) , nothing is greater than the power of the divine and a divine cause

Here is a nice song video for Gaza for all to see. Thank again for the great website


   Mohamad Amin Hosni El Jachi  
   Location: abudhabi-Uae

Saturday 10th of January 2009 12:20:39 AM  

Am the grand son of Hosni El Jachi (may god bless his soul). He kept telling me all the nice lovable moments of his life in suhmata. Even My Father(Amin Hosni El Jachi) and my mother(Nahla Ali Kadoora) kept passing this to my generation and am so glad to find this site from which i can be closer to the people of my origin.We live in abudhabi since 1981 and am currently working here since 1999. I thank all who participated in this and i believe that this is the greatest evidence that our cause will never die and we shall return to our motherland soon Inshallah.

   Lana Al Jachi  
   Location: ---

Friday 09th of January 2009 04:33:02 PM  

It is really great to see the village online! a million thanks for creating this site! my biggest dreams will always be that my kids will live on their land; i hope i will live to see it happen...

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