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Tuesday 07th 2020f July 2020 09:51:16 PM
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   Location: haifa

Tuesday 07th of December 2010 11:40:23 AM  

كل عام
وأنتم بخير
بمناسبة العام

   Bassem Ahmad Ali Murra  
   Location: Lebanon - Beqaa

Monday 25th of October 2010 03:23:45 AM  

Like my brother Adnan Suhmata in the heart forever.

   Location: Pakistan

Wednesday 20th of October 2010 01:07:07 AM  

Great site thanks!

   khalid salah hussein  
   serina-78 @mail.de
   Location: berlin germany

Tuesday 28th of September 2010 06:06:44 PM  

ilove allpalastainevery where.

   Location: haifa

Friday 10th of September 2010 06:01:42 AM  

أحر وأصدق التهاني والتبريكات بمناسبة حلول وحضور عيد الفطر السعيدأعاده الله عليكم وعلينا بالبركة
وكل عام ونحن بألف ألف خير

   Location: danmark

Saturday 21st of August 2010 09:44:15 AM  

السلام عليكم

كل عام وأنتم بخير كما أسأل الله القدير بأن يمن علينا بصلاة التراويح في المسجد الاقصى هذا العام انه على كل شء قدير

   Ali Omar Kaddourah  
   Location: syria

Friday 20th of August 2010 04:36:39 PM  

i want to sent my regards to my relatives in suhmata,UAE and Lebanon on behave of my family here in syria
we hope to meet in one place in one day we hope so

Im Ali omar ali kaddourah
my mother is seham loutfi aljeshi
my brothers is Alaa and Amro kaddourah

   Dr. Mohamed Hammoud  
   Location: Lebanon

Saturday 14th of August 2010 05:51:13 PM  

اجمل التحيات و الامنيات و التبريكات بقدوم شهر رمضان المبارك اعاده الله عليكم بالعزة و النصر و ان نصلي معا في رحاب المسجد الاقصى

   Location: Lebanon

Monday 09th of August 2010 10:52:05 PM  

this is wonderful

   Location: Lebanon

Monday 09th of August 2010 10:50:39 PM  

very good!

   Abnaa' Suhmata Association  
   info @ suhmata.com
   Location: Haifa

Monday 09th of August 2010 10:51:11 AM  

يسرّ جمعية أبناء سحماتا أن تبعث إلى أهالي سحماتا في الوطن ودنيا الشتات وإلى جميع أبناء شعبنا العربي الفلسطيني بأحر وأعطر التهاني بمناسبة حلول شهر رمضان المبارك , متمنين أن تعود علينا هذه المناسبة السعيدة ويكون قد تحقق الحلم بالعودة إلى الديار ويلفنا الوطن بين جناحيه في ظل الحرية والعزة والكرامة

   Ibrahim Al 3ajarmeh  
   Location: JORDAN

Friday 30th of July 2010 06:46:59 PM  

sadeeqi al moqarab so7mati w 2oo7ayi al so7matiyeh jamee3ohom!!!

   Mohammed Mahmoud Mohammed  
   Location: Lebanon

Tuesday 27th of July 2010 03:16:49 AM  

salame ela so7mata 3arost flestien al 7abeba

   Ali kaddourah  
   Location: syria

Thursday 22nd of July 2010 01:31:10 AM  


   mo'taz qadourah  
   Location: sohmata(hometown)

Wednesday 07th of July 2010 05:57:18 PM  

qadoura bil la7em wil dam w 3ashoo il so7mateyeh min kbeerhom la zgherhom

2ana so7mati w ya niyali
so7mati 3ami w so7mati 5ali
3ashoo feeha w matoo jdadi
sohmata 3izi w so7mata bladi

wallah bada7ee bi kol il 3alam w bas 2arja3 2aqabel 2ard blady bas ashem il trab w 2agablo
2arro7 3ind gaber jiddi w 2azooro ! wallah omniyet 7ayat 2arja3 w 2at3araf 3ala 2abnaa 3asheeraty il qadourah(kaddoura) w wlad balady il so7mateye

   Adnan Murrah  
   Location: UAE

Saturday 19th of June 2010 06:47:27 AM  

Suhmata is in the Heart forever...

   Dr. Mahmoud Ali Kaddoura  
   Location: Boston, USA

Thursday 27th of May 2010 09:28:07 AM  

Assalamu alaikom my family, relatives, and friends,

I just admire whomever developed this website and send them my best gratitude and warmest appreciation. I would like to see more communication among the members of this website as we are all one family; relatives, friends, brothers and sisters. I would like to share some information about myself.

I am Mahmoud Ali Ahmad Khalil Kaddoura, the son of al Haj Ali (Alla yirhamoh) and Rawanda Kaddoura (Allah yirhamha. My wife is Mona Mohammed Khachan (from Sohmata) and my children are Mohammed and Ahmed Kaddoura.

I was born and raised in Lebanon, graduated from the AUB, and worked at the American University of Beirut before I moved to the United Arab Emirates. In Sharjah, I taught for the Ministry of Health before moving to the United States. In America, I got my certificate of advanced graduate studies (CAGS) and then my doctoral degree (PhD) in Health Professions Education, both with distinction (GPA 4.0).

In Boston, I taught at the University of Massachusetts, Boston and Simmons College. Presently, I am a professor at the Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences. I live with my wonderful family in our own house in Brookline, Massachusetts, USA.

I love my family and relatives and I miss all of you. Kindly stay in touch. My email is:

Assalamo alaikum my dearest family.

   Farah Kaddoura  
   Location: UAE

Saturday 01st of May 2010 09:47:15 AM  

its a nice feeling to know that we belong to this place but at the same time its bad once you you that you cant smell it . .

   Akram ِAhmad Fares Kaddoura  
   Location: UAE-Abu Dhabi

Sunday 21st of March 2010 09:24:55 PM  

for all suhamateez mothers, happy mother's day and wish for u all a blessed life, love u my mom, love u all suhmateez

by the way, what is the plural of suhamti:D?

   yehya mohamad  
   Location: oxford england

Friday 19th of March 2010 02:23:38 PM  

i am y7ya mohamed alhaj hasan
my origins are from se7mata
does any one know who we are?
in 1948 my grandfather al hag hasan imigrated to lebanon.
plz any help to know any member who still living in palestine will be apreciated.

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