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Tuesday 07th 2020f July 2020 09:46:53 PM
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   khalid Hussein Kaddoura  
   Location: Abu Dhabi

May 03, 2006 - 12:03 AM  

i feel very proud when i see that we have a web-site ..... its the best way to feel that we belong to some place...
best regards for all

   Bassil Murra   
   Location: ...

April 26, 2006 - 10:19 AM   

Palestine: The Ultimate Injustice of Our Time

As a child, I used to go to the sea shore near the refugee camp where I lived, staring for hours at the hills near the border. My grandmother told me once that Palestine is right behind those hills. My heart traveled with the seagulls every day to imagine how it looked like on the other side. It was a journey of yearning that fueled by love of the land. Since then, the dream grew bigger and bigger to return to the homeland.

58 years passed since the occupation of Palestine, and the Palestinian cause had never been more alive in our hearts, feelings, memories, and conscience. We will never abandon the dream to return.

Through wars, massacres, and atrocities, the Zionist entity "Israel" was established. It was built on the destruction and misery of the Palestinian people. They stole the hope and peace, but never enjoyed the hope and peace: They always live in fear. They fear the olive trees, the red flowers, the song b...

   Hadi Kaddoura  
   Location: ...

April 25, 2006 - 12:08 AM  

our hearts and prayerswith you .. we wish we could join you for may 3rd event. Insha Allah I will visit Suhmata this year for the first time with all my family. Hope to see all sahamni in Falestine. till then, keep the faith, never give up. we will go back soon.

   Abnaa' Suhmata Association  
   Location: Haifa

April 24, 2006 - 06:11 AM  

We have read in “Al-Awda” website that the Canadian authorities have issued a deportation order for Issam Al-Yamani. We denounce strongly this order, and call on the Canadian authorities to halt this act and grant Issam AL-Yamani permanent status in Canada, until he will return to his homeland.

   kaddoura kaddoura  
   Location: USA

April 16, 2006 - 07:25 AM  

Hello to you all.

I wonder why the enemies are trying to hack this site, I am writing to those people with strange names and locations.

Best regards to all our people and to the ones who sympathise with our cause.

   Location: germany

April 15, 2006 - 09:41 PM  

sallam ya 3arab i love you all ahel so7mata inshalah bnerga3 men el ghorba wa bterga3 bladina wa ta7iyati la phalastin wa ahl el 3arab kulon 3anjad meshta2 la wattani wa a7babi wa ahli wa araybi m7ammad kaddoura men germany bussy 4 all:)

   Ahmad J. Kaddoura  
   Location: Lebanon

April 13, 2006 - 02:13 AM   

A date to remember:

April, 13th.1975, 31 years ago, Ain Al Rumanah bus attack. That day many Palestinians were killed in that (Bosta) as they call it in Lebanon.

Let us always remember our dead people
who died in Palestine, Lebanon and other Arab countries.
Let us remember the suffering of our people in all Palestine, Lebanon, Iraq and mostly the ones who are stuck at the borders of Jordon and Iraq.

Let us keep in mind if there is or was justice in the world, we did not have to go through all this pain and suffering.
I wish our parents and grand parents stayed in our beloved Palestine in 1948, that could safe us a lot of sadness.
Let us remember that we are all Palestinians and we share the same pain.

Best regards to you all and have a Good Friday and Happy Easter.

   Location: haifa

April 12, 2006 - 12:29 PM  

Im so tuched.. keep on givin, and fight for our right to be back.. this way our new generision will never forgot who they are so they can be proude of there I.D and they will contenue the way back to falasteen

   zahir mourra  
   Location: abu dhabi

March 27, 2006 - 08:51 AM   

lets keep remembering our loved village suhmata especially next thursday 30th march 2006 ( youm al ared ) regards to everybody from suhmata & hole palestine

   jamal.Assaad@univ-valenciennes.fr or jamassaad@hotmail.com
   Location: France

March 18, 2006 - 07:41 AM  

Hallo abou Ayman, How is all, we must send the adress of thes pages to all people from suhmata...I will make soonly (with my cousin Dr. Fahed Assaad from Danemark) the tree of the familly. So If you have any informations about our familly (fahed nayef mohammed assaad and/ othmane, we don't know exactly) please send it to us.

   muhammed abd algani amer  
   Location: ...

March 17, 2006 - 08:10 PM  

hi 2 all i wana 2 know more about suhmata people i love it i wana make frinds from my love akka and if any one know about my family (amer) plz tell me bec i dont know any thing i am 22 year old live in lebanon and gaza study in jordan

   Mahmoud Saleh Kaddoura   
   Location: ...

March 17, 2006 - 01:43 PM  

Assalamu Alaikum,
I would like to congradulate all of you and thank you for the great efforts for keeping the spirit of Suhmata alive.
There is not enough words to express the gratitude for such act.
We would like you to know that we are very appreciative and join hands with you for keeping the spirit of love and unity among this beloved village of Suhmata and it's kind people.
It is already a fact that we been together as one family for long time and which will continue for all times.
Thanks to all from Suhmata who are still there and not forgetting to keep us informed of what is still happening there.
To all of you, our thanks is not enough for all your efforts and activities for the just cause of keeping the name of Suhmata alive. Suhmata is a model of any Palestinian village which all people love to keep it's name alive for ever.
Shukran to brother Wajeeh Suma'n and to all members and my salute to all of our beloved Suhmatans where ever, especially to the ones who are s...

   Location: Haifa

March 17, 2006 - 05:37 AM  

It is a very rich site, thank you all.
it is one of the greatest sites i ever saw regarding the displaced Palestinians.

thank you

   ahmad kaddoura, abu ayman   
   Location: canada

March 15, 2006 - 04:57 PM   

dear relatives. i was born and raised in suhmata. this site was the first time i saw suhmata since i left it. i remmeberd it as soon as i saw the picture. it brought old tears and joy to me and my family. my mother is buried in suhmata, and insallah i will come visit the town soon. i do hope to see you all soon, and if you have any questions about the town, please feel free to ask me. not many of us old guys left. take care and salam alikoum

   hashem kaddoura   
   Location: rama

March 13, 2006 - 01:47 PM   

good evening everybody
it"s good to see you all here in this great site and i hope to see all of you here in suhmata and not just in the net
god pless you all

   Location: UAE

March 12, 2006 - 05:33 AM   

It gave me a great pleasure to find such a good site that tells facts about our beloved village "Suhmata".Loving Palestine keeps me alive.
good work and please keep updating the site with new pictures and news.You are our eyes that see our land all the time.
Long live Palestine

   Location: Lille

March 10, 2006 - 02:32 AM   

Bonjour, Hi!
I'm happy ti find this site. 4m from suhmata but I live actually in France and I was born in lebanon...vive suhmata

   Wajih Seman   
   Location: Haifa

March 04, 2006 - 12:52 PM  

Dears Abnaa' Suhmata,
we are full of happiness for your proposals and enthusiasm to the website. We shall do our best to continue in enriching it through the current year according to our possibilities.

As Palestinians, let us strengthen our ties and march together along the road which shall leads us one day to our beloved suhmata.

Wajih Seman

   Ahmad Kaddoura   
   Location: China

March 03, 2006 - 07:39 PM   

My dear lucky people who are able to see the village of Suhamta, can you up date the pictures of our town.
Please can some body take a good shot of the whole village.

It is spring time there now, and for sure some body can take good picture over there.

Best regards to all Palestinians in Palestine and to the ones who are scatttered around the whole world.

   Location: Canada

February 25, 2006 - 12:44 AM   

Anybody who recognizes Israel, then he belongs to the zionism concepts, and therefore is our enemy..

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