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Saturday 25th 2020f January 2020 09:31:28 PM
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   وليد الصالح  
   Location: لبنان

Thursday 11th of January 2007 04:26:22 PM  

السلام عليكم تحية إلى جميع أبناء سحماتا في الوطن والشتات لقد استغربت عدم ذكركم اسم عائلتنا ضمن أسماء العائلات السحمانية الواردة في موقعكم فجدي هو علي أحمد الصالح المعروف بعلي مريم نسبة إلى أمه مريم عبد اللطيف بلشة أرجو التصحيح راجياً لكم دوام النجاح

   Ziad Kaddoura  
   Location: UAE

Saturday 06th of January 2007 08:31:45 AM  

I am asking for a request please.
If some1 have the family tree of "Kaddoura" faily can some1 email it to me plz.
Thanks in advance
kind regards

   Ziad Kaddoura  
   Location: UAE - Shj

Saturday 06th of January 2007 08:06:41 AM  

Eid Mubarak and Happy New Year!
I have the pleasure of sending you all my most sincere wishes for A HAPPY AND PROSPEROUS YEAR IN 2007.
And may Allah support all the Palestinians, Muslim and Arab world

   salam thaer al yamani  
   Location: uae -sharjah

Friday 05th of January 2007 08:39:35 AM  

mar7aba,i would like to wish all palestinian people a prosperous 2007,full of joy full moments and bright achievements .

   جورج مصاروة   
   Location: الاردن

Monday 01st of January 2007 05:51:25 PM  

انا من الاردن ومن مدينة مادبا بالتحديد...من محاسن الصدف وانا اتجول عبر النت هنا وهناك عثرت على موقعكم هذا... اعجبني هذا الموقع وشدني اليه كثيرا تصفحت العديد من روابطه وعادت الذكريات الأليمة على قلبي بل على كل عربي حرّ شريف... ادعو الله من كل قلب صادق ان يعيد الحق الى نصابه ويرجع المهجرون الى قراهم...ولن يضيع حق وراءه مطالب.

وختاما تقبلوا وافر محبتي واحترامي مع تقديري العظيم للجهود المبذولة من قبل القائمين على هذا الموقع

جورج مصاروة

   Mahmoud Salim Kaddoura  
   Location: Toronto Canada

Thursday 28th of December 2006 09:28:40 PM  

Salam for all, Our relatives in suhamata and aroundthe world.
Merry Christmas, Eid Mubarak,, and happy new year
I owuld like to thank abnaa suhmata for the lovely website.

by the way, it is becomming known amongst the activist comunity in Toront :)
keep it up.

   Location: Denmark

Tuesday 26th of December 2006 05:28:32 PM  

Iam pleased 2 se our brothers and sisters from my country meeting each other.
Inorder to say we`ll never forget .

   Location: AUSTRALIA

Monday 25th of December 2006 06:50:18 AM  


   زاهر محمد مره  
   Location: Abu Dhabi,UAE

Saturday 23rd of December 2006 11:55:17 PM  

تحية محبة ووفاء الى أهلنا في فلسطين , كل فلسطين , في سحماتا وخارج سحماتا , الى أهلنا الصامدين في بلد الصمود والنضال , الى المرابطين في مخيمات الشتات في لبنان ......في بيروت , صيدا , صور , بعلبك , طرابلس كل عام وأنتم بخير , ميلاد مجيد وأضحى مبارك

   adib kaddoura  
   Location: edmonton, ab, canada

Wednesday 13th of December 2006 08:25:48 PM  

salam alikoum

i recently travelled to lebanon with my parents. one day, we took a trip to the palestine/lebanon border. my of how how beautiful palestine was. my dad explained to me on how they came from suhmata during the nakbaa, he told me that they stopped in a town and slep by the pool. as the trip went longer, we reached the town and the pool was still there.

looking into the hill of palestine, my father said that suhamata is just on top of one of those hills. how far have we tavelled and close to home we were. for one moment, i trully felt that i was home.

suhmata is for us, hope that it remains in our hearts forever

   Fahid Al-Jeshi  
   Mossa 88@ hotmail.Com
   Location: Haifa

Friday 08th of December 2006 02:16:49 AM  

Very nice to have such a website which enables us to read every thing concerns our beloved village-Suhmata.Heartfelt greetings to Al-Jeshi famillies and all suhmatans all over the world .Hope to live one day togther in Suhmata.

   Abu Heithem  
   info @ suhmata.com
   Location: Haifa

Friday 17th of November 2006 09:53:24 AM  

It looks nice site with rich contents.Special salutes to all those who have the dream to come back home because one day it would becme a reality.

   Location: kuwait

Saturday 28th of October 2006 02:15:24 AM  

تحياتي الى جميع الاقارب والنسب في لبنان ( قدورة , الجشي , خشان ) والى معارفنا في صيدا و وادي الزينة و جدرا و الناعمه والى جميع اعزائنا في المخيمات وبالاخص مخيم الرشيدية

   Location: kuwait

Saturday 28th of October 2006 02:11:02 AM  

صباح الخير الى كل الموجودين من سحماتا العزيزة والمقيمين في جميع الدول واقول لكم بحبكم كثييييييييييير

   Location: KUWAIT

Saturday 28th of October 2006 02:07:27 AM  


   seham thaer el yamani  
   Location: UAE

Friday 27th of October 2006 09:01:33 PM  

sallam lal kol falasteni w la abna2 so7mata..
ana kteer mabsoota ini shuf mawkee3 la ilna abna2 so7mata 7ta nit3raf 3ala ahlina w e5wana be palestine w bshkor kol 7ad sh5es sharak be hal mawkee3 w kman bshkor l3alam ili 7kat 3an abu-maher il yamani..
w allah yewfe2ko be kol she ya rab

   Hanna Semaan   
   Location: Haifa

Friday 27th of October 2006 01:05:18 PM  

This is very nice and great site. It strengthens the bonds among suhmata people and contributes very much to raise their spirits to stick strongly to their just cause to come back home.

   Location: Jordan

Friday 06th of October 2006 07:44:45 AM  

I would like to thank those you had the idea to make this website, it is reach in a very unique information.

thank you all for everything...

Ramadan Kareem and Happy Eid

   ABNAA' SUHMATA Association  
   Location: Haifa

Thursday 21st of September 2006 01:18:34 PM  

Warm Greetings and RAMADN KAREEM to all people of Suhmata throughout the world.

Let's us keep the spirit and confidence that one day we shall meet on the good earth of Suhmata and celebrate together all our anniversaries.

   Location: ...................

Friday 15th of September 2006 09:49:39 AM  

Dear all visitors,
I think that some visitors are misusing this site by treating it as a hotmail.
I observe some chating thru it.
To those,once u know each personal hotmail,use it and don't miuse this site.

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