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Swiss Forum for Human Rights in Israel and Palestine

c/o cfd, PO Box 5761, 3001 Bern

Dear friends

A delegation of the Swiss Forum for Human Rights in Israel and Palestine visited your country end of March this year. We are happy having met with you and your organization.

We have returned to Switzerland enriched from experience and with a deeper understandig of the roots of injustice and suffering of the Palestinians especially the displaced and refugees. We thank you very much for having arranged meetings at various locations and shared your expertise with us on these topics.

As a result of our study trip several members of the delegation gave public accounts. Some published newspaper articles in German and French (see attachments). These reports were published by very important Swiss daily papers and they are outstanding of what media use to offer to their readers. They provoked some public reactions – both positive and critical (e.g. the Israeli ambassador critized them as “biased”).

Some of the members of the group have also been interviewed during a broadcast emission. Malek Ayoub gave his testimonial of our reception at Suhmata where he saw the first time the place of his family home.

Sami Daher has written a story showing the experience of Nakba in form of a monologue which he presents himself in public events.

Anne Catherine Ménétrey, Member of the National Parliament, requests the Swiss government to account on international financing of nature “parks” on the sites of destroyed Palestinian villages (e.g. Canada Park) and eventual Swiss involvement (see attachment).

So we are satisfied that we met the basic objectives of our trip.
As a next step our Forum is planning events related to the issue of “60 years Nakba” for next year. In this context we try to focus the public attention to recognize the historical facts and to share responsibility in order to restore justice.
We thank you for guiding us and raising our awareness.

We thank everybody whom we met and who supported us during our trip. This has become an unforgettable experience for us all.

We send our special greetings to you as representatives of the communities of Safafre, Ein Mahel, El Ghabsiye, Deheishe Camp, Lifta, Amwas, Wahed Salam/Neve Shalom,.

With best regards

Peter Leuenberger
Coordinator of the study trip
Swiss Forum for Human Rights in Israel and Palestine

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